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The Smoke Damage Douglasville GA Experts Locals Depend On

Nobody likes to imagine the worst, but there’s nothing more disastrous than your home catching fire. Whether out of your negligence or an accident, sudden fire breakout is certainly distressing. 

It impacts your emotional, physical, and mental well-being, leaving you and your family in shock. 

Smoke Damage Restoration Douglasville GA understands the unpleasant life event and seeks to offer quality services. We aim to bring peace to your life and restore your beautiful memories through our cleanup aid. Here’s a quick overview of what we offer.

24 Hours Emergency Services

The Smoke Damage Douglasville GA Restoration Offers

We understand that properties catch fire suddenly and unexpectedly. For this reason, we’ve set up 24/7 emergency services to respond to you rapidly. 

As soon as you spot smoke damage signs and feel it’s taking a toll on your health, you can contact us immediately. 

No matter the time, our team will be on-site within minutes. On your first phone call, expect a few questions from our staff. 

Addressing these questions will help us pick the right staff members and suitable equipment needed for the restoration process. 

Douglasville Smoke Damage Restoration knows the importance of emergency services and how they come in handy during unexpected times.

1. Inspection

We follow appropriate restoration techniques and safety procedures. Nonetheless, we need to inspect your property for this purpose. 

Once our staff reaches your home, they inspect your property’s surfaces, walls, and belongings to determine the severity of smoke damage and its type. 

This step helps us draft an ideal restoration plan for you. We seek to be transparent about our services and costs and therefore discuss them with you before proceeding.

2. Ventilation

More intense smoke damage sometimes makes it difficult to access your property. The first step we take is to ventilate and vacuum your home surfaces. 

Smoke lingering around your walls and soot-laden surfaces are challenging to tackle. Therefore, we open all your doors and windows and use professional-grade vacuums to clean the surfaces. 

Then, we use heavy-duty air purifiers to suck smoke from your indoor atmosphere. We’ve served thousands of customers and have seen different smoke damage cases. 

A few smoke damage events are too severe, which makes the cleaning process tricky. For instance, air filled with smoke is difficult to breathe in. Not only this, the smoke-laden indoor atmosphere makes it difficult to view your property. 

Therefore, proper ventilation and air purifying is the first thing we do in our restoration process. 

3. Water Cleanup

You’ll likely call up a fire extinguisher service when your home catches fire. They use a mixture of chemicals, gases, and water to put out the fire. 

So, your property will probably have standing water after experiencing fire damage. This water needs to be cleared up before the cleaning process. 

Otherwise, it seeps into your walls and damages your property further. Our team uses robust water extraction tools and advanced methods to suck all the water from your home. 

Not only does it prevent unnecessary moisture that may promote mold growth, but it also clears the place, making cleaning easier.

4. Floor Cleaning

No matter your floor type, we take the headache of cleaning it. At Douglasville Smoke Damage Restoration, we use advanced cleaning methods to scrub off all the smoke and soot stains from your floor. 

We utilize organic liquid cleansers to remove stubborn soot stains. Undoubtedly, soot is greasy and thick, and hard to remove. 

Nonetheless, our specialized cleaners eliminate all the hard-to-clean stains as if they never existed. 

After pouring the liquid cleaners, our team scrubs the flooring with soft sponges and brushes. Because we want to prevent your property from damage, we use gentle scrubbers that do not damage your floor or cause scratches – especially if you have tiles. 

5. Wall Cleaning

In all honesty, wall cleaning after a fire is not an easy process. The porous drywall breaks and your walls ruin regardless of their type. 

The paint comes off the painted walls, and the paneling rips off in most cases. Nonetheless, at Smoke Damage Douglasville GA, we take the burden off your shoulders and simplify the wall cleaning process. 

Our experts take an appropriate cleaning approach suitable for your walls. We first mend the broken and damaged walls and then clean them. 

If the damage is not too intense, we simply wash and clean them with our gentle cleaners. 

The soot and smoke stains quickly come off as our team cleans your walls from top to bottom.